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January 25
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~~~~~Antonio’s p.o.v~~~~~

Him. It was always him. She talked about nothing else. Marcus, Marcus and once again Marcus. It seemed like that was all she could talk about. How wonderful, romantic and sweet he was.

Why couldn’t it be me she talked about? Why couldn’t I be the one that made her so happy? The answer is simple, but oh so painful. I was too slow. I didn’t confess my feelings quick enough.

In fact, I didn’t confess my feelings at all. I was too scared to do it. So now I pretend to not care about how much it hurts to see her so happy with him.

“Antonio? Are you listening? (y/n) asked and brought me back to reality.

“Of course I am, chica,” I said and smiled. The smile was fake, but she didn’t notice. She never did.

~~~~~Reader’s p.o.v~~~~~

Something seemed about Antonio seemed off today. It was as if he was in deep thought about something that made him sad. You ignored it and kept talking about your “wonderful” boyfriend who gave you flowers every day.

What Antonio didn’t seem to notice was that everything that came out of your mouth that involved your boyfriend was lies. He was as wonderful and caring as a psychopathic murderer.

He hit you every day and had sex with you against your will. He would give you flowers and other presents afterwards to say that he was sorry and it had worked so far. You were still together with him even though your love for him had disappeared ages ago.

Lately he had gotten more violent and tended to abuse you more often. One time he broke your arm. You always had to hide the bruises and come up with believable excuses in case someone saw your bruised body. You had grown tired of him, but you didn’t dare to call the police or tell anyone.

You dropped hints as yours and Antonio’s conversation progressed, but he didn’t seem to get it and soon you had to go home. You weren’t allowed to leave the house for more than three hours at a time and it had soon been almost four hours since you left for shopping.

You said goodbye to Antonio and drove home. You hoped and prayed that Marcus wouldn’t be mad at you, but you didn’t have luck on your side today.

 As soon as you got inside he attacked you and started beating you while he spat insult after insult at you. You clenched your teeth and held back the tears as you took the beating for you knew it was meaningless to try to defend yourself.

~~~~~~Antonio’s p.o.v ~~~~~~

I followed (y/n) home. I don’t know why, I just did. I parked my car on the other side of the street and hid behind a tree.

I saw how she parked her car and took her bags before unlocking the door and walking inside. I was about to turn around when I heard someone shouting inside the house and the sound of beating was heard through the door.

My heart skipped a beat when I heard (y/n) scream in pain and my instincts took over. I rushed over the street and up the stairs before I flung the door wide open. The sight that met my eyes angered me more than anything else.

(y/n) sat on the floor with Marcus towering over her. She was a mess. Blood flowed out of a few wounds and her face was a bit swollen. She was crying and held her leg. Something snapped inside of me and I started beating Marcus.

“Antonio!” I heard (y/n) shouting my name and snapped out of the trance that I had been in. “It’s enough, Antonio. He’s not a threat anymore.”

I looked down and saw Marcus lying unconscious at my feet with a bloody face. I turned around and faced (y/n) who still sat on the floor holding her leg.

“Are you hurt?” I asked concerned and crouched down to her level.

“I think he broke my l-leg,” she said and started sobbing. “A-Antonio.”

“Yes, what is it (y/n)?” I asked her and scooted closer while I called for an ambulance and the police.

“Thank you,” she said and hugged me although she was in pain from moving. “H-he would have k-killed me if-if you hadn’t c-come.”

“Ssh, calm down (y/n),” I said while stroking her back. “He’s not going to hurt you anymore because I will protect you.”

“A-Antonio?” she whispered in my ear as she rested her head on my shoulder. “I-I love you.”

~~~~~~Reader’s p.o.v ~~~~~~

“I-I love you,” you whispered and feared that he wouldn’t feel the same about you, but the next words you heard made you almost die of happiness.

“I love you too, chica,” he said and hugged you tighter.

You united in a gentle kiss while the sound of sirens could be heard in the background. 

This was kind of a request from someone Sweating a little... don't remember who 

Sorry if it's not good

Marcus goes to prison :trapped:  for a long time and Antonio :iconsexyspainplz: and you become a couple 

If you want me to write something just ask me :D (Big Grin) 

Picture made by :iconlinuskew: 

Until next time :iconsupertighthugplz: 
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